Rearing whilst rising

An exhibition of new work from Leeds based artist and writer Joanna Jowett, exploring the extremes of joy and grief experienced through the lens of motherhood, in new prints, poems and a series of portraits of some of the many makers who are part of the Creative Mothers Project in Leeds.

The pandemic brought into sharp focus the challenges of holding multiple roles within a domestic space 24/7 - a challenge that working parents & in particular m/others have always navigated. It was also a time of loss, anxiety & grief during which many of us turned to local communities for support. This exhibition of work from Joanna Jowett celebrates one such community in Leeds, with a series of photographic portraits & new texts and printed work that brings into focus these themes, exploring the edges of what is public/private who is seen/unseen and the soft and vulnerable parts of being human. 

This project is supported by Leeds Inspired.